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candy scattered on desk

Ask the nutritionist: “Sugar (e.g., candy bars) is the only thing that gets me...

It can be tempting to "treat yourself" by eating sugary foods when you study. However, this can leave you with less energy than when you started. Try these healthier alternatives for sustained energy.
mug of beer and stack of books

How weekend binge drinking can affect academic performance

Find out if weekend binge drinking has an effect on your academic performance during the week.

7 ways to help yourself and others navigate the drinking scene

How to turn down (and respond when someone turns down) a drink.
Group of friends enjoying rooftop party

Making social gatherings fun for everyone: A guide for hosts and guests

Rate this article and enter to winSocial events are an important part of campus culture—and of the college experience. They’re a chance to make new connections, bond with friends, and let loose on the...
Open beer bottles

With someone who drank too much? How you can help

Rate this article and enter to winWe all know this scenario: You’re out with your friends and everyone is enjoying themselves—swaying to the music, unwinding, and perhaps throwing back a few drinks. But you...
Two female Endicott studentsvideo

I Remember Video

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1lfJFz_i-KcAs part of Endicott College's "I See, I Speak, I Pledge" campaign, our student athletes united to address the issue of Drinking and Driving. "I Remember" recognizes that no one is invincible to the...
Girl asleep with beer mug

Ask the doc: Can drinking alcohol impair my ability to learn?

—Jayden*, Portland State University, OregonYes, in ways both large and small. Are there students who drink from time to time and still manage to get good value out of their investment in higher education?...

NEWSFLASH: Some Endicott students party without being blackout!

SEE someone giving your classmate a hard time about not wanting another drinkSPEAK up to distract or diffuse the situationPLEDGE to be respectful of others' limits What is I See, I Speak, I Pledge?I See, I Speak,...

ICYMI: Not everyone at Endicott is a binge drinker

SEE your roommate feeling left out because s/he doesn't want to drink at the pregameSPEAK up to help him/her still feel part of the groupPLEDGE to include everyone, regardless of whether they are drinking or notWhat...

Sober support: What works for students in recovery?

Rate this article and enter to winWhat if students have gone through treatment for alcohol addiction or drug abuse, and now they’re back on track, focusing on their education and future? Their success in...